Repair & Maintenance

No Matter which vacuum or cleaning machine you own, In Corona Vacuum & Janitorial Supply We can Service or Repair most brands.

Does your vacuum smell bad? 

Dirt, pet hair and other debris can make your vacuum look bad and harbor odors. Yes we can serviced!!

Our experts can clean and refresh it so that it sparkles (and smells) like new. 

Does it spit stuff out?

It could be a clog, a worn belt, the motor or electrical components. We can diagnose the problem — and fix it

  • Free estimates
  • Best prices of service and vacuums in town
  • Quick fix (Clean/remove hair and replace belt while you wait for)

The Vacuum Tune- Up will include but is not limited to:

  • Wash & dry all washable parts
  • Checking the drive belt, replaced if necessary
  • Replacing the inner bag (charge for pack)
  • Checking the roller brush bearings
  • Cleaning the roller brush
  • Polishing the commutator (motor shaft)
  • Checking all electrical connections
  • Cleaning or Wash the housing and base plate
  • Cleaning the inside of the outer bag and bag dock

*Steps may vary with bag-less vacuum.